Valentine's Day 2020
08 February 2020
Thoughtful Gifts For Valentine's Day

Teddy bears, heart-shaped cards, jewellery, balloons and flowers everywhere…Valentine’s Day is approaching! This year, show your sweetheart how much they mean to you with a thoughtful gift from MR.DIY. We’ve put together some gift ideas for you inspired by the romantic spirit of Valentine’s Day this year.



Teddy Bear Flower Bouquet

9046583 - RM8.90


From the couples walking into a new relationship to the spouses celebrating many decades together, this day symbolizes sentiments that only love can inspire. If you’re looking to complement your sweet day together with a small gift, this is the perfect one to give your sweetheart. The teddy bear is cute and cuddly while the flowers will never wilt so they can keep this as memories forever.


Wooden Photo Frame

9046328 - RM5.90

This simple but meaningful wooden photo is perfect to keep the photo memory of the first meeting of you or any other special occasion with your significant other. This is a great gift for him because then he will be visually reminded of you whenever he sees this picture.


Soap Flower Bouquet

9046585 - 23.90


This soap flower bouquet is something that would still have all the romance of a flower bouquet with an added fun twist. Pluck the petals out from the flower and immerse it in the water in the bathtub to and you will feel it turning into soap. What a sweet gift!

The gifts mentioned are not only thoughtful, but affordable as well. Consider to present it to your sweetheart on your Valentine’s Day out together. Have no idea what to plan for your day? Here are some budget friendly ideas for a romantic day:

  • Surprise your partner with a trip to the cinema to watch their favourite movie
  • A sunset walk by the beach
  • A date at the zoo or at the museum
  • Picnic at the park with homemade food
  • A hike to the waterfall