MR.DIY March New Arrivals
03 March 2020
Budget Friendly Gifts for International Women’s Day

Getting gifts for International Women’s Day doesn’t have to be pricey because it’s all about surprising your favourite ladies and letting them know that you are thinking about them. It’s time we take the matter of budget-friendly gifts into consideration. Check out these following ideas from MR.DIY Online’s March New Arrivals for the perfect gift to give:

MR.DIY Premium Love Heart Shaggy Soft Fluffy Floor Mat (50cm x 60cm)

8970535-001001 – RM8.40

Floor mats are yoga retreats for your feet! Comfort is only a step away when you gift this heart shared soft and fluffy floor mat to your favourite ladies, whether it’s for your mother, sister, aunt, or friend.

MR.DIY Premium Chopper Veggie Cutter (650ml)

8971296-001001 – RM18.50

This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to spend their time in the kitchen. Invite them over for lunch or dinner with a homecooked meal that you made and at the end of the meal, pop this gift to them.


SIBYL In Retro Nordic Color Style In-Ear Earphones E-131

8992958-001001 – RM13.90

It’s small, practical and oh so adorable. If you have a friend that loves to listen to music, then this is a great gift for them. It also comes in a little bag to store their earphones in.

OTW Bunny Beauty Blender Gourd Shaped Powder Puff

9056952-001001 – RM4.30

It’s not a plain powder’s a bunny powder puff! Surprise beauty enthusiast with this small but thoughtful gift. Even though it is affordable but this beauty blender will help them to look beautiful, and we hope that the ladies will remember you every time this helps them to look pretty.

LINEUP Toning Tube Medium Resistance

9086953-001001 – RM11.23

The options are endless when it comes to gifts for the fitness enthusiast women in your life. However, this is the best option for busy women who do not have the time to go to the gym because they will be able to work out from home with the resistance band. It’s also small and light enough to bring on travels.

GLADE Air Refreshing Lavender Scented Gel (2 x 180g)

9160794-001001 – RM15.90

Did you know that scent is the strongest sense? Why not give use this knowledge to give the most memorable gift to your favourite women. This lavender scented gel helps them to keep their space smelling good all the time and help to reduce stress. Isn't that great?

What would be the perfect gift for International Women’s Day for you? Do you prefer fancy stuff, traditional gifts or look forward to small tokens of affection?