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11 March 2020
3 Helpful Tips to Staying Fresh Always

Nowadays, it’s really simple to stay fresh all the time. Keeping our clothes and surroundings fresh helps us to feel rejuvenated, upbeat and energetic so that we can get through the day fresh and fine! MR.DIY has put together a list of some great products to help you stay fresh always, whether it is your laundry, car or even your room:


Keep Your Laundry Fresh


Downy Expert Sport Refill 540ml

9750408 – RM5.90 RM5.00

Some odors can be difficult to remove from clothes, especially sport clothes because you will tend to sweat a lot during sports and the dry sweat may stick to it. Leave your clothes with a fresh scent while protecting your fabric to make it last longer with Downy’s fabric conditioner.

Febreze Ambi Pur Blossom & Breeze 370ml

9750130 – RM10.90 RM9.00

Our busy lifestyles may sometimes prevent us from keeping our home fabrics fresh all day and all week long. Fortunately, Frebreze Ambi Pur spray makes it really easy to keep carpets, bedding, clothing, upholstery, rugs and more refreshed and renewed without all the extra work of washing.



Keep Your Car Fresh

Ambi Pur Lavender Car Vent Clips 2ml

9750196 – RM11.23 RM9.00

Have a road trip coming up and you’re the designated driver? Create a fresh environment in your car for you and your friends or family to enjoy with this lavender car vent clips, which is affordable, easy to install and smells fantastic.

Ambi Pur Car Gel

9750742 – RM6.90 RM6.00

When you spend so much time in your car, it’s bound to have some unpleasant smell. Where do all these odors come from? The answer is scent from various food, cigarette smoke, coffee, and pet odors among all things can pe picked up by your car. This car gel will gently keep your car smelling fresh and nice again.


Keep Your Room Fresh

Ambi Pur Room Fresh Air Refreshing Gel - Refreshing Lemon (180g) / Lavender (180g)

9750118 (Lemon) or 9750117 (Lavender) – RM8.86 RM7.00

Have you ever walked into a room before and think ‘it smells so good’. Well, that’s the response both you and your family will get when you walk into a room with this Ambi Pur Room Fresh Air Refreshing Gel.

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