Stay Safe
04 May 2020
5 Situations to Wear Face Shields
A face shield covers the eyes, nose, and mouth. It helps you from touching your face. We know that COVID-19 can be spread by droplets, such as from a cough or sneeze, so using face shields helps protect us from these infectious droplets. Reusable face shields can be disinfected and reused once it is cleaned. You can get your face shields at selected MR.DIY stores or  you can buy them online at Here are five situations when face shields can be worn:



We all know that hospital employees come in contact with many patients a day. Therefore, they have a higher risk of catching any virus. Hospital employees are not only doctors and nurses who treat patients, but there are also cleaners who have to clean the area and receptionist who have to talk to patients as well. Face shields are just one of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that they have to wear at all times in order to stay safe.



As we try to slowly go back to our normal routine such as going back to the office for work, companies can encourage their office employees to wear face shield as part of the continued safety effort.


Anyone can utilise face shields for their day-to-day life activities. When someone has to go grocery shopping or attend an essential appointment, they can use the face shield together with their face mask to stay safe outside.



Face shields are suitable for those who are working in restaurants too. It is not only suitable for waiters and waitresses who come in contact with many customers, but also chefs and other kitchen staff that handle food preparation.



In a warehouse, there are a lot of workers and it can be an environment where virus can spread easily. The workers sometimes carry items together and have to walk past each other constantly. One way to prevent or reduce any infections is for the employees to wear face shields.

We hope that everyone continues to practice social distancing and take all the proper safety precautions when going outside. Locate your nearest MR.DIY stores to check it out or you can purchase your face shields online.