04 January 2019
Make a Fresh Start with MR.DIY

“There’s no place like home”, this well-known expression show just how important a house is to everyone. Home is the comfort zone for most people where they will feel safe and peaceful. After a long day of hard work, you just wish to go home have a nice bath and relax. It created a sense of place as a sacred space where you can just be yourself at home and no rules to follow. So now we know why house is important to us, it is vital to maintain your house in good condition. A well-maintain house not only live up your mood but provide extra comfort and release stress too.


MR.DIY Malaysia Curtain

1. Window Curtain

Sun shine is great but too much sun exposure can make your home warm especially with Malaysia hot and humid weather. Get yourself a nice window curtain from MR.DIY to block off from the blazing hot sun or even to cover up the window if your house is facing a not-so-nice view.

MR.DIY Malaysia Door Knob

2.Door Knob  

If you have a broken door knob and have been delaying to change a new one because you have been busy lately or lazy driving out to buy, you can order it online now at MR.D.I.Y. website with no hassle. We have various door knob design to suit your taste. Changing door knob is a great way to update your home a little. With less than RM15, you can get a nice and brand new door knob for New Year!


MR.DIY Malaysia Hammer & Nail

3.Hammer and Nail

Here some amazing home décor tips for you to brighten up your room. All you need is a hammer and nails. Transform your room to a wall gallery with only a hammer and nails. Pick some artsy photo or drawing and voila!!


MR.DIY Malaysia Organizer

4.Hanging Organizer  

A messy closet can gives you headache and stress. I bet you don’t’ know that a disorganized closet can impact your daily life negatively such as not enough storage space or wasting time in finding clothes. So, MR.DIY know the problem and wants to help you relieve from headache with a 5 compartments hanging organizer. With that, you have more space, easier to find your shirt and get ready in the morning quicker.


MR.DIY Malaysia Spray Paint

5.Spray Paint

Spray paint is another great way to refresh your old furniture set or beautify your home. If you have any old or scratched items, you don’t need to buy a new one. Just give it a new color and there you go, look as good as new item or even better. You can get a lot of décor ideas with spray paint. At MR.DIY, there are tons of colors to choose from. If you are a person that loves trying new things, you can change different color anytime you like to your home décor without spending a lot of money.


MR.DIY Malaysia Towel Rail

6.Suction Towel Rail

Bathroom is usually damp and humid, a space where we often undressed. A towel rail helps to dry off your towel even if there is no sunlight. But it is more than just a towel rail. When you change clothes or going for a shower, you need somewhere to place your clothes so it won’t get wet. A perfect finishing touch to your bathroom.

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