Stay Safe & #FightCovid19
12 May 2020
Embrace the 'New Normal' with MR.DIY
Many people are looking forward to the day when both our normal and working lives gets back to normal. However, currently the only way we can reduce from the spread of Covid-19 is to continue practicing social distancing in our daily lives. We all should embrace the ‘new normal’, here’s how you can do it with MR.DIY:

1.Remember to Practice Good Hygiene

You can create your own self-cleaning kit with MR.DIY such as with hand sanitizers, wipes, and more so that you can practice good hygiene anytime and anywhere, especially in the office since you will be spending most of your time outside of home there. This is also useful for other public areas such as when you are using the public transport, going to the bank or to the petrol station.

2.Keep a Healthy Lifestyle

This is a great chance for everyone to keep a healthy lifestyle through their diet. Instead of eating out always, you can use this time to experiment cooking some of your favourite dishes. You can head to MR.DIY to get any pots, pans and other kitchen utensils to make this happen. Who knows? This could be the new normal for you and your future.

3.Pack Your Lunch & Snacks to Work

If you have been eating out previously during lunch hours, it is time to change up your routine. Since you’re keeping a healthy lifestyle through diet and cooking up your own homecooked meals. Why not take those meals and bring it to work for lunch? Similar to all the pots and pans, you can also get containers and lunch boxes  from MR.DIY.

4.Lift Up Your Mood with Office Deco

We all know that being in a comfortable office will life our mood up and motivate us to work. Some of us will be going back to work at the office, but some of us will still be working from home. Regardless, being surrounded by things you love will help you to be more efficient at work.

5.Hangout with Family Online

We’re used to having face-to-face talks with our family because we can visit them anytime, but now, not all of us can see our families face-to-face because they might be staying in a different state. We always have to keep social distancing in mind but it’s also important to keep in touch with our loved ones to check up on them and to make sure that they are okay. To do that, keep your video calling accessories such as earphones, headphones or chargers on hand at all times. Talk to your family every day and continue to bring in positive light to their day.

6.Find a New Hobby

Before the pandemic, most of us used to go out and do things such as going to the movies, going travelling and going shopping. In the new normal, it is necessary and safer to stay home at all times. Try to discover and experiment with new things to do indoors and maybe turn it into a new hobby. One example is to try out gardening for the first time, or try writing a book or journaling.