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14 May 2020
5 Things To Do At Home During CMCO
As we enter into the month of May, many of us are still taking precautions by staying at home. While it can be boring, it is done to keep yourselves and others safe as well. Being at home can be fun and exciting, with the right items, so here are some ideas from MR.DIY for you:

Kids love to play around and go on adventures. Staying at home for a long period of time may make them feel restless because they want to go out and do something. We have good news for parents because now, with the inflatable play pool, you can now keep your kids active and happy by simply getting one from our stores.
Frying Pan

Awaken your inner chef while staying at home by cooking meals and dishes that you’ve never cooked before. If you’ve never cooked before, use this time to learn new skills like how to stirfry, grill, steam, poach and more. If you are short on cooking pans or utensils, you can just grab the ones you need at MR.DIY.


Many of us have many small items at home that uses batteries such as flashlights, remote controls for TV or air-conditioning, clocks, and children’s toys. Its most likely that the batteries have not been changed in a long time and it is now time to stock up on new ones from MR.DIY, especially if it is batteries for your children’s toys, because you never know when their favourite toy will run out of them.

Electric Kettle 

There are many uses for an electric kettle, it’s not just helpful for boiling water but it also helps to prepare a lot of snacks and beverages within minutes. This handy appliance, which you can also get at MR.DIY for an affordable price, is perfect for a coffee lover or a busy person with a preference for late-night instant noodles. So even if you are either just chilling at home or busy at home, you can still enjoy the little things.
It has been more than a month since MCO was implemented and that means getting a hair trim professionally is still not something many people can do right now. The good news is that you can now do it at home by getting your own hair trimmer at MR.DIY. Now you can learn how to trim your hair yourself or if you have someone living with you, you can ask them to give you a hand.

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