Teacher's Day 2020
15 May 2020
Happy Teacher’s Day
Teachers' Day, which is celebrated on May 16 every year, is a special day for teachers and educators in Malaysia. It’s the day where they are recognised and honoured by their students for the role they play. Teachers helps to inspire, mentor and lead students. They are the foundation of a student’s education.
For many schools nationwide, it has always been marked as a day of remembrance. However, many schools are forced to close in the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers and educators are striving to ensure that learning continues, in spite of many difficulties and problems that come with school closure. 
Many are doing their absolute best to support their student’s educational objectives during the situation. All of a sudden, they have to work hard to figure out remote teaching strategies in a digital environment.
To appreciate your teachers, all you can do is simply send them a message saying ‘Thank You’ and encourage your classmates to send them as well. This small gesture will show your teachers that you are thinking about them and make them feel happy. If you have a small budget to spare, you can also get a small gift to suprise them when you see them!

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