Raya 2020
19 May 2020
Pak Salleh Sambut Raya di MR.DIY
Like the previous year, Pak Salleh will not miss to celebrate Raya at MR.DIY! Why? Just look at how many Pak Salleh can save if he's celebrating Raya at MR.DIY. All this is because of MR.DIY promise..that our raya is the cheapest!

This year, you don’t have to go ‘ke sana, ke sini’ to look for your Raya decorations. Just look at Pak Salleh, he went straight to MR.DIY to get all his Raya needs.

He needed a new table mat, table cloth and also pelita! The total price was RM45.40, but because of the promotion, Pak Salleh’s total was discounted to RM30.70!

At the cashier, Pak Salleh found out that he can enjoy RM8 off his total bill when he pays through GrabPay.

Wow, more savings and it is so simple!

RM30.70 (Original Total) – RM8.00 (GrabPay Discount) = RM22.70


Pak Salleh managed to save RM22.70...which is 50% from the initial RM45.40!

Take some tips from Pak Salleh and shop your Raya decorations at MR.DIY.

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