MR.DIY Reopening Promotion
20 May 2020
Get Through CMCO with These MR.DIY Items
As the Movement Control Order (MCO) turns into the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), things are slowly going back to normal. However, new rules for shopping, dining and even haircuts keeping things from being exactly normal. MR.DIY’s Reopening Promotion has all the items at a discount for this transition:

For Businesses

As businesses start to slowly open, we understand that it is important for all employees and all customers to comply with all the new rules such as keeping a good hygiene and maintaining social distancing. Here are the products from MR.DIY that will help with this task:

Face Mask (9037174) – Keep your employees safe with the face mask
Face Shield (9037176) – Give your employees extra protection with the face shield
Sprayer (9065931) – Sprayers are very handy for hand sanitizers
Cloth Tape (9088731) – It can be used to set the social distancing cue
Gloves (9750374-9750379) – Protect your employees from any surfaces

For Individuals & Families

For those who are still hesitant to immediately return to life pre-coronavirus and prefer to stay home or social distance longer. We have items that can keep you and your family not only occupied but also safe during these times. Here are a few suggestions:

Play Pool (9014903) – Entertain the bored kids while they are home
3 In 1 Grooming Kit (9023147) – Trim your own hair at home
Electric Kettle (9022732) – Make your favorite drink or snack while working from home
Rice Cooker (9022853) – Have more meals at home
Febreze Antibacterial (9160737) – Keep your furniture at home bacteria free

For Office Workers

For a lot of people, it is back to the office. You can still take the initiative to stay safe with a few products and also lifestyle changes such as bringing your own lunch to work instead of eating out as this will reduce your exposure to other people. 

Lunch Box (9066161) – Eat out less and bring your own lunch to work
Face Mask (9037174) – Protect yourself while you are in the office
Face Shield (9037176) - Extra protection for you as well

Act quick! The last day for this promotion is on 24 May 2020..3 Days to go! Find your nearest MR.DIY store now.
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