Raya 2020
22 May 2020
How to Celebrate Raya This Year
Ramadan is coming to an end and Hari Raya Aidilfitri is just around the corner. Muslims located in the cities usually go back to their hometowns and joyously celebrate with their families. However, this year the event falls in the midst of a pandemic. While it is important to keep the community safe by continuing to take all the safety precautions such as social distancing, you can still make Hari Raya meaningful. Here are some tips from MR.DIY:

1.Video Call with Family & Friends

While this event is typically celebrated with an ‘Open House’, it is important to minimise the possibility of any new outbreaks or clusters in the country. Utilise the many apps available to schedule video calls with all the family members you were supposed to visit. To make the mood a little bit more festive, decorate a ‘Raya Background’ so that when you are video calling, they can see your beautiful decorations.

2.Celebrate with Delicious Food

No Hari Raya is complete without the excellent cuisine. You can still find little ways to celebrate and still enjoy traditional delicacies like the ketupat, rendang, dodol, satay and many more without going to ‘Open Houses’. You can order deliveries and support small businesses who make delicious traditional food. Or you can take this time to practice your cooking skills and make your own. Head over to MR.DIY to get any last minute cooking pans or utensils for your cooking needs.

3.Modern Salam

If you came across someone you know, physical contact should be avoided as much as possible to reduce the risk of catching any virus. In order to avoid physical contact, practice modern salam. Other means of greeting can be adopted such as waving, nodding or putting the hand over the heart.

4.Exchange Gifts Through Delivery

Treats are always welcome during a celebration! Fellow Muslims usually exchange cookies, sweets, homemade food and gift baskets during this celebration. Instead of sharing pictures on social media, why not take it a step further and send it out using delivery services instead? If the person you want to send it to is not nearby, one suggestion is to order the treats from their local area and get it delivered to them.

5. e-Duit Raya

Instead of giving the traditional Duit Raya, this year try sending out e-Duit Raya. Your recipients will be able to receive the e-Duit Raya directly in their account instantly. Giving charity to the less fortunate is an important part of the festive season and you can also donate to your favourite organisations through this channel as well.