New Normal
10 June 2020
MR.DIY Food & Beverage Ideas for Meals at Home

Social distancing and limited outings require preparation, especially when it comes to stocking up on food. Since many of us will be eating out less, its important to keep our home well stocked with food and drinks to satisfy our last-minute cravings. Here are some F&B ideas from MR.DIY for any meal of the day:

Honey Stars Cereal 150g

9750980 - RM5.90

Nestum Oats 3in1 8Sx30g

9750995 - RM5.75

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It wakes the body up after a long night of sleep, giving us energy and nutrients to face the day. You can try having cereal with milk for breakfast or you can also have a warm cup of oat drink with some fruits.

Noi Coated Coconut Peanuts 128g

9750634 - RM2.95

Sunflower Seeds 130g

9751208 - RM3.80

Mister Potato Chips 75g

9750542 - RM2.30

Craving for some snacks? MR.DIY has many options for you, from peanuts, to sunflower seeds, to potato chips and more to satisfy your cravings! Keep a variety of snacks in your pantry or at your office so that you always have some on hand.

Jacobs Weetameal 144g

9750932 - RM5.50


Hup Seng Cream Crackers 428g

9750644 - RM3.90

Remember during childhood days when you would get biscuits and a hot drink in the late afternoon? Do you still enjoy dipping your biscuits in your drink, whether it be coffee, tea or a chocolate drink ? Try these biscuit options for your text tea time session.

PAMA Plain Bihun 350g

9751240 - RM3.99

Vit’s Economy Pack 700g

9751241 - RM5.00

Noodles are a great way to create a quick, affordable  and hearty one-dish meal. Why? Because with noodles and just a few ingredients that you have in your home, you can make fried noodles that suit your taste! Have leftover chicken? You can make chicken fried noodles or chicken noodle soup. If you prefer seafood, it is also perfect for it.

Maggi Hot Cup Curry 59g

9750960 - RM1.70

Mamee Chef Curry Laksa 4x95g

9751297 - RM5.35

Feeling hungry late at night? If you are staying up late to watch a movie or to continue doing work, you can have a light snack. You will be more motivated when you are fuller. These instant noodles are the right snack for you.

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