CNY 2019
11 January 2019
Refresh Your Home with MR.DIY


In ancient time, a mythical beast called “Year” will appear every New Year’s Eve to harm people, animals and their properties. People had lived in fear of this monster until they discovered that “Year” actually feared of the color red, fire and loud sounds. To scare away the monster, people started pasting red papers on their door, hanging red lanterns, burning firecracker for the loud sound and wear red clothes. Ever since then, every New Year’s Eve, people repeat doing the same thing and this tradition has been continued until now and eventually has become an important element in celebrating the arrival of Chinese New Year and spread the festive joy. Start filling your home with red and gold to usher in wealth and luck. MR.DIY have everything that you need and let us show you some of the CNY classic decorations that you must have.


MR.DIY Malaysia CNY Door Sticker

Door Sticker
Door sticker is a must for every Chinese New Year. Pasting door decorative give a sense of welcoming especially when you have guest visiting. Door sticker usually involves the zodiac of the year with good wishes.


MR.DIY Malaysia CNY Chinese Couplets

Chinese Couplets
One of the oldest CNY decoration is Chinese couplets. In the olden days, Chinese couplets are written on long red paper scrolls to stick on the wall or door with good wishes for a prosperous new year, good luck and wealth. People can show off their calligraphy skills. But today, Chinese couplets are more colorful and glittering with more modern design.



MR.DIY Malaysia CNY Decor Flower

Hanging Décor & Flower
Plum blossoms are a sign of spring and represent a new start. Although plum blossoms are not a native in Malaysia but you don’t have to skip this decoration because you can get artificial blossom flower from MR.DIY. The plum blossom branches are often decorated with hanging décor or angpau just like a Chinese version of Christmas Tree.



MR.DIY Malaysia CNY Plushies

Zodiac plushies is always a great decorative item that adds cheer to the house. Either on the table, sofa or car, it is so versatile you can place it anywhere that you want to. Gold and red symbolizes wealth and good luck in Chinese tradition, so get both color to add prosperous mood to the house.



MR.DIY Malaysia CNY Lantern

Lantern is an essential in Chinese New Year decorations. It is usually in red color, the color of good luck. Without lantern, your home just lack of the festive spirit. It is believe that, Chinese lantern can get rid of bad luck. So, make sure to buy more lanterns and hang it at the front of your door.



MR.DIY Malaysia CNY Floor Mat

Floor Mat 
As Chinese New Year approach, buy a CNY floor mat and replace with your old floor mat. Put it in front of your house entrance and welcome your guest in the most Chinese New Year feel.