Father's Day 2020
14 June 2020
A New Way to Celebrate Father’s Day
Father’s Day is next Sunday, 21st June 2020, and as good as it sounds going out to celebrate, there is a pandemic happening in the world right now. Therefore, it is important that everyone finds a way to celebrate Father’s Day this year while still staying safe at home. Here are some suggestions from us on how you can do it:

Have a Steamboat Dinner at Home

Steamboat Set (32cm) 
8970712 - RM28.60

Steamboat is a favourite meal where you cook raw meat, fish and vegetables in a boiling broth at your table. The food is cooked in a steamboat cooker which gently heats the broth for the duration. Organising and cooking our food at the table for your father will give everyone as a family plenty of time to chat and get excited about the meal before being able to eat. Doesn’t that sound satisfying? You can also stay home and purchase it online at MR.DIY Online

Clean His Car for a Day

Car Wash Tools Set
9002939 – RM14.90

While your father is busy working for the whole family, give him a little surprise in terms of a really clean car! He will surely appreciate your effort to give him a time off, especially during these times. What does this set include? It includes a double-side chenille glove, 40x40cm microfiber towel, 30 x 70cm microfiber towel, and also a car storage box to keep everything organized.

Write Down a Memory for Him

Father’s Day Card
9089168 - RM1.04

Give your Father a nice card with a Father’s Day wish inside. What to write on a Father's Day Card? You can write down a memory that you share together and make your card feel even more thoughtful and personal. Make him smile, laugh, cry on his special day with only a few words and a few minutes. You can include your favourite photos together in there as well.

Head over to your nearest MR.DIY outlet now to purchase these items and create a new way to celebrate Father’s Day.