New Normal
24 June 2020
Movie Marathon at Home with MR.DIY
It’s important for all of us to keep practicing social distancing, but who says you still can’t enjoy having a movie marathon? Instead of going to the cinema, you can create your own at home. It is a budget-friendly, easy, and enjoyable way to spend time together with your loved ones. Here is how you can do it with MR.DIY:


Tong Garden Caramel Popcorn 60G
9750629 - RM2.65

Food Container
8971479 - RM1.50

Coca-Cola 250ML
9751313 - RM0.90

No trip to the cinema is complete without popcorn and soft drinks  – the same goes for your home marathon at home. Get some caramel popcorn and the classic Coca-Cola from the Food & Beverage section at MR.DIY. It will make your movie night memorable, and at an affordable price. Get a wide container as well so you can reach in your popcorn easily and replicate that cinema experience. When you have great snacks and drinks, together with a good movie on the screen, that is a recipe for a wonderful time shared. 


Throw Blanket
3601085 - RM35.00

The key to a successful movie night at home is making it special. Simple things can make an experience special, such as using a throw blanket that can make the night feel extra cozy as you lay on the sofa, since it will keep you comfortable and warm in a cool room.

9036470 - RM14.50

Kids and adults alike can plunk down and sit on this floor pillow, enjoying a comfortable seat right there on the ground. The pillow is soft but thick enough to act as a supportive and comfortable seat, which is great for a few hours of watching the movie. It is great for movie marathons with a lot of participants because now everyone can sit comfortably. It is also small enough that you can keep it in storage when it is not in use.


Jasmine Scented Candle
9046410 - RM7.30

The great thing about movie marathons at home is that you can do more to customize and make your experience better. Make the mood a little bit cozier with something as simple as a scented candle. The subtle scent and the soft glow of the candle will help you feel relaxed and uplift your mood while you watch the movie.