New Normal
01 July 2020
MR.DIY Back to School
Pre-schools and kindergartens can now resume operations! The reopening is subject to strict compliance with the standard operating procedure to ensure that students learn in a safe environment. Here are some tips from MR.DIY on how to prepare your child for school reopening:

Bring Own Lunchbox & Lunch Bag

Lunch Bag
9088404 - RM13.45

Lunch Box
8971098 - RM6.30

Prepare meals for your kids so they can bring their own lunchbox to school. Advise your kids that eating from their lunch box will keep them safer. Some easy things that you can prepare for them are fried rice, noodles, rice with chicken and vegetables, eggs, bread, pastries, biscuits, fruits among other things.

Stay Hydrated

Cille Water Bottle
8971332 - RM13.50

Make sure your child stays hydrated by bringing their water bottles to school. Don’t let them leave home without a water bottle in their bag. MR.DIY has a variety of sizes and designs to choose from so your kids will be spoiled for choice. 

Be Prepared with Pencil Sets & Coloured Pencils

Neiki 2B Pencil Set (6 Pcs)

9084875 - RM2.17

Yalong Triangular Color Pencils 18 Pcs
8950592 - RM6.50

Get your children’s education back on track with all the essential stationeries. Pencil sets are important to preschoolers because it helps them to take notes, do their homework, draw while coloured pencils are great for their coloring activities. It comes with sharpeners too because it helps to maintain both pencils and color pencils, and also a rubber to erase any mistakes on paper.

Pencil Case to Stay Organized

Pencil Case
9087242 - RM2.50
9087512 - RM4.25

Make sure your kids stay organized with a pencil case. Since they have a lot of stationeries to bring to school, this will be the perfect place to keep them so that your kids can easily find them before class.

Stay Protected

Face Shield
9037176 - RM3.90

When it’s time for your child to go back to school, they should be ready with their own personal protective equipment such as face masks and face shields. Buy yours now from MR.DIY.