23 July 2020
Prepare for a Rainy Day with MR.DIY
Heavy rain is expected to continue in a lot of parts of Malaysia in the coming weeks and MR.DIY would like to remind you to be prepared so that you stay warm and dry at all times, and also to prepare for any mild inconveniences. Here are some items that may be useful to you:

Foldable Umbrella
9035544 - RM7.90 

The rain can appear at any time and without warning, so it’s always handy to carry an umbrella to keep you dry from any unexpected rain, especially when you are out and about. For example, an umbrella can be handy when you’re driving outside to meet someone during a rainy day where you can’t find any parking close to the venue. 

Waterproof Raincoat
9034098 - RM7.81 

Want something more compact than an umbrella to put in your bag? Try a raincoat. Its budget friendly, compact enough to fit into even a small bag such as a handbag, its reusable and there are many designs and colors to choose from, which can be fun for a family. Each person gets a different color!

9140512 - RM7.88

Heavy rain can cause water dripping from your roof or ceiling, especially if you live in an older house. A leaking roof is an inconvenience because it will get the floor wet and not only do you have to clean it, but sometimes it will cause you or others to slip and fall. While waiting for the roof to be fixed, you can use a basin to capture all the dripping water so that it doesn’t cause the floor to be wet.
9907074 - RM20.24 

Dirt paths and roads and the ground in general becomes a sloppy, slippery, and muddy mess from all the rain. These safety rain boots will keep you dry and, on your feet, thanks to the material. These boots are also high and it is great for those who works outside, to keep them safe from where there are a lot of deep messes. 

Waxco Rain Act
9930012 - RM13.02 

Waxco Rain Act helps the windshield wipers by providing a layer of protection against rain, mud, insects, dirt, grit, grime and grease, subtly reducing buildup of dirt. It acts as a shield for rainy days and ensures clarity of vision while you're on the road, which is important for your safety because you can drive safer with clear vision in bad weather.
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