07 March 2019
It's Your Day, Beautiful. Reward Yourself Now!

Women’s Day is held on 8th of March every year. It is a very special day where we reserve and celebrate all inspiring, confident and courageous women around the world. The day is also a reminder for us to show our love and support and cherish everything they have done for us whether it is your mother, grandmother, wife, sisters, daughter or friends. Women are amazingly strong in today’s modern society. For all the ladies, pamper yourself and get something nice. As for the gentlemen, you can buy a gift and make the women you love feel special and appreciated.


MR.DIY Malaysia Cosmetic Jewelry

9054552 – Jewelry Sets

Can you image that this jewelry set actually available in MR.D.I.Y.? Jewelry is every women best friend. Flaunt your beauty and confidence with this elegant necklace and earring.



MR.DIY Malaysia Photo Frame

8801488  –  Sweet & Warm

A picture is worth a thousand words. A simple photo frame place at your workplace or home can remind you every day of the person you love even if they are far away from you. A picture is enough to make you feel loved and warm deep inside despite not seeing each other everyday.



MR.DIY Malaysia Mirror

880137 – Beauty Mirror  

Get a compact hand mirror in your bag where ever you go. It will come in handy when you need a quick fix on your make up or sometime, your friends might need it too.



MR.DIY Malaysia Cosmetic

9035260  –  Beauty Box   

Keep all your beauty products in a cosmetic box so you won’t stain and dirty your room. We know how frustrating you can get when you are rushing and you can’t find your eyeliner.  With a cosmetic box, all your makeup tools will be organize, neat and tidy.



MR.DIY Malaysia Wire Frame

9045809 – Memories

Whether you found a memorable photo while going through your family photo album or wanting to replace your old photo frame, a metal clip frame is just what you need. You can decorate it with not just photo, but sweet notes for your love one.