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04 August 2020
Start Your Home-Based Baking Business Now with MR.DIY
One of the ways to earn additional income is by selling baked goods and the great thing about it is that it is very easy to start. All you need is a kitchen, some utensils, ingredients and you are all set. Here are some recommended MR.DIY products to help you start your home-based baking business:

3 Piece Cake Mould
9069966 - RM33.00

With this new normal, people are celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations at home more often and cakes will always be a demand during celebrations like these. Bake a yummy cake for your customers' meaningful day with this affordable MR.DIY 3 piece cake mould.

Cookie Cutter
8972741 - RM2.30

Cookies are a classic baked good favourite and you can customize the shape and flavour however you want it to be. Not only are they easy to make, but they are easy to package and also keep well in room temperature. While everyone loves the classic round cookies, having the options of different shapes will set your home-based business apart.

Rolling Pin
9067821 - RM5.00

If you want to make shaped cookies, among other things, you have to have a rolling pin to help you out in the kitchen. It helps to flatten the dough because some recipes call for that. It's also useful for other recipes, such as for rolling your pizza dough.

Icing Piping Nozzle Set
8972750 - RM8.50

Make decorating your baked goods easier by using an icing nozzle set. You can create different kinds of icing, from simple to complex, based on what your customers want. This nozzle set from MR.DIY is perfect for someone who is just starting out but wants to learn and be creative.

Paper Baking Cup 250S 10.5CM
8970520 - RM2.70

If you are just starting off with your baking business and want something more affordable to start with, you can use these simple paper baking cups from MR.DIY to sell cupcakes. How can you make your cupcakes stand out even with a simple paper baking cups like this? By using icing to decorate and make your cupcakes look beautiful and delicious.

Wrapping Bag 
8950097 - RM2.90

One of the secrets of selling baked goods, other than having a delicious recipe, is a good presentation and packaging that can keep it fresh. Keep in mind that food gifts are always a favourite because it is easy to buy and almost everyone loves it. Not to mention, a nice packaging will make your home-based baking business stand out from the crowd! It is really simple and MR.DIY has a variety of wrapping bags for you to choose from. 


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