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25 August 2020
DIY Spa at Home with MR.DIY
While it is currently okay to go out and about for your daily routine nowadays, its always a good idea to spend your time indoors at home. Why not take a break and have a DIY spa day in your house instead of going outside? Here are some products from MR.DIY that you can try out:

Ive's Lavender Body Shampoo 2L
9630093 - RM9.34

One of the benefits of Lavender is that it is very calming, which is great for your DIY Spa Day! Take a long bath with this, making sure to use a scrub to remove dead skin cells so that you come out feeling like a brand new person.

Facial Mask
9057124 - RM17.50

What is a spa day without a facial mask? MR.DIY has a few options to try and one of the options are these moisturizing compression mask. Turn on some music, some aromatherapy and prepare a relaxing place to lie down while wearing this mask. Staying at home doesn't feel so bad now.

Blender Oval Flat-Edge Sponge with Holder
9055831 - RM6.90

Sponge blenders are not just for make up. In fact, they are great for applying moisturizers, which are an essential part of anyone’s skincare routine. Once you are done with your facial mask, use this sponge to apply your moisturizer evenly around your face as a part of your DIY spa day routine.

Sunscreen Spray 150ml
9056769 - RM21.90

DIY Spa day can also mean laying down in the sun on your balcony getting some Vitamin D. But remember to always wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh rays.


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