Proudly Made in Malaysia 2020
14 September 2020
Fill Your Home with Locally Made Products for Malaysia Day!
Here are some household items that are locally made in Malaysia that you can fill your home with! This Malaysia Day month, head to MR.DIY stores or online and come support products that are made in Malaysia:

9140561 - RM14.86 RM11.90

Storage boxes are really useful if you want to keep your home, car or office tidy. Whether it is for the bedroom to store all your belongings, a place to keep your crafting supplies or a designated storage for your stationery, MR.DIY has got you covered!

9350214 - RM7.37 RM5.90

What can you store with these airtight canisters? Rice, beans, legumes, sugar, dried mushrooms and more! Since the canisters are airtight, it will keep your dried food fresh for longer and thus, saving money.
9510018 - RM9.36 RM7.50

Keep your home clean with this humble household broom. Nylon brooms are stiff yet flexible for general cleanup of floors like hardwood or laminate. They are generally for indoor use, but they do resist water and won't absorb odors, which is important for the home!

9510036 - RM13.61 RM10.90

Other than brooms, mops are important as well because floors are exposed to everything, from the dirt stuck on your feet, to pet fur, to dropped food and more. Mopping helps to clean these buildups and also helps to sanitize the floor.

9670665 - RM11.85 RM9.50

This multipurpose basket is a great way to store and keep your cleaning supplies organized. Or you can use it to keep your desk tidy at your office (or home office if you are working from home). Not to mention, it is locally made so feel proud about that.

9680056 - RM14.01 RM10.90

Take advantage of the sales happening right now if you need a new floor mat. If your current mat is old, discoloured or torn, you should get an affordable one that is made in Malaysia. Not only are you supporting locally made products, but you are also creating a comfortable environment with new floor mats.


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