Kita Jaga Harga Kita
23 September 2020
“Kita Jaga Harga Kita” and More with MR.DIY
Many Malaysians now are being careful with their expenses and prudent with their spending. At MR.DIY our promise is “Kita Jaga Harga Kita, MR.DIY Termurah Demi Rakyat Malaysia.” which means that we continue to give the best price, because we are here to help Malaysians...just like the hashtag #kitajagakita

Kita Jaga Harga Kita

MR.DIY understands how important it is to keep spendings low during these times through always low prices for Malaysians, no matter if it is for the home, car, school, work or hobby. On top of that, MR.DIY always has promotions so that you can enjoy even more savings whenever there is a discount promotion.

Kita Jaga Negara Kita

A few months ago, in response to a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), MR.DIY staff worked together tirelessly to aid with the supply of face masks and face shields to various frontliners of the country during the MCO period. Face shields are used mainly by frontliners such as the doctors, nurses, hospital staff, police and more to protect them while they serve the Malaysian citizens. This is in line with our #MRDIYCares initiative and we are grateful to be able to help and provide a solution during those times.

Kita Jaga Produk Kita

MR.DIY has a wide variety of products available so you are more likely to find something to suit. Doesn’t matter how old you are or what you do, we have something for you! For example, if you are a student, you can find affordable notebooks and stationary. If you are someone who just moved into a new home, you can get homewares and hardwares at always low prices with MR.DIY.

Kita Jaga Kawasan Kita

During MCO, Malaysians really missed MR.DIY for not only functional buys, but a fun place to visit. MR.DIY is a favourite store for every age and interest with everything and anything you want or need. MR.DIY wants everyone to be able to visit the stores, no matter where they are in Malaysia, whether it is at a shopping mall or in a small town. Want to be able to find a MR.DIY store near you? Check out our store locator.
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