Halloween 2020
18 October 2020
Halloween Costumes For Your Kids To Try from MR.DIY

If you want to take a Halloween photo with your small family with kids and can’t find the right place for Halloween costumes, MR.DIY has got you covered. Here are Halloween costumes for kids that are creative and affordable:



Kids Collar Cloak ( 70cm)

8750168 (RM10.50)

Some Halloween costumes never lose popularity! For example, vampires are timeless icons when it comes to horror and Halloween. This vampire costume for kids is from MR.DIY is a fun and affordable way to dress up your kids for this occasion.


Kids Cloth (Pumpkin)

8750083 (RM9.50)

This pumpkin costume is the perfect size for babies! Even though it is a really simple costume, your child will be comfortable and it will be easier also for you should you need to change them.


Halloween Bat Costumes

8750170 (RM16.90)

Bats are another spooky favourite during Halloween. The costume is simple and it lets your child’s imagination run wild and be creative on who they want to be. Not only is this costume affordable, but it is also really easy for the child to put on, which will save any parents time.



Skirt with Headband Set (Horns)

8750169 (RM16.90)

Similar to the bat costume above, your child can also opt for another option which is this spooky horns set. Again, your child has a freedom to choose who they want to be as long as they are having fun. Pair this black skirt with black top and a black shoes for a really simple but scary outfit.



Kids Hooded Cloak

8750171 (RM11.90)

The last costume featured is this kids hooded cloak. Not only is it spooky stylish like a game character but it's the perfect snuggly costume to keep your child comfortable and warm in an air-conditioned environment.


See the full list of MR.DIY Halloween Specials for sale here:



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