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04 December 2020
Nabilah’s Story: Building a Career with MR.DIY


Here is a heart-warming story of Nabilah Abdul Ghani, a Division Manager in Perak, who is part of MR.DIY’s over 10,000 employees in Malaysia. Read on to learn more about her meaningful experience and journey with MR.DIY.

Nabilah has worked for MR.DIY for eight years. She started out as a promoter at MR.DIY’s store in Ipoh Parade in 2012 while she was studying for a secretarial diploma. After two months of fulltime employment, she was made assistant supervisor of the store, and a few months later, became a supervisor.

In 2014, she became senior assistant branch manager overseeing six stores, and thereafter branch manager in charge of 18 stores. In 2017, she was appointed senior branch manager, and a year later was elevated to her current position of division manager in charge of 18 stores and more than 200 employees.


"MR.DIY not only provides promotion opportunities but also provides various training thus making us as employees have the knowledge appropriate to the position held," she said.


"Working at MR.DIY has also changed the way I work in a better and systematic way, thus allowing me to manage 200 employees under my supervision," she said.

Sharing sweet memories while working at MR.DIY, Nabilah said the opportunity to board a plane for the first time abroad for work is one of the unforgettable sweet memories.

"Besides that, working at MR.DIY helped a lot and managed to change my life. This company also allowed me to build a career, experience and a place to gain extensive knowledge in the field of retail, " she said.

“My life has changed. I have been able to buy a house, a car, insurance for myself and also provide some help to my family members,” she said.


Nabilah said a good work environment and a humble employer also make their staff comfortable and earnest to work. Therefore, for young people who want to find a job and build a career, MR.DIY is the place.

She said that besides medical and insurance, the benefits of working at MR.DIY include annual company trips for employees. If you want to learn more about career opportunities at MR.DIY, head over to this link:



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