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16 December 2020
Abang Wan’s Story: Building a Career with MR.DIY
If you loved Nabilah’s story about her career at MR.DIY, here is another one for you featuring Mohd Rizuan Pee, 52, or better known as Abang Wan, who currently holds the position of Senior Manager, Transport and Warehousing Department.

Abang Wan used to be a char koay teow seller at Taman Midah in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur for three years before he joined MR.DIY.  Income was unstable to support his parents and siblings so he joined MR.DIY in 2008 as a “store keeper” at the invitation of the management of MR.DIY, who was his regular customers.

Within a year, Abang Wan was made store assistant, followed by assistant manager in 2012 to oversee the transport division of the company. After four years, he became senior assistant manager, and in 2016 was elevated to manager of the transport division. In 2017, MR.DIY promoted him to senior manager of its transport and warehouse department.
According to him, the uniqueness and advantage of working with MR.DIY which always helps its employees to continue to advance in their careers.

“I started as a store keeper. I also thought of quitting my job because I had never worked in a warehouse and had no experience. However, I had the encouragement and guidance of superiors. Due to that, I am now able to handle 250 employees as well as manage 130 units of my own truck.”

The attitude of his superiors who are humble as well as not lacking in knowledge also makes him remain loyal to MR.DIY who is now entering his 12th year.
"Among the moments that I will never forget when the management is willing to go down to the field with employees in the warehouse to help the process of preparing goods that will be sent to the store," he said.
Another memorable moment was when Abang Wan was asked to strike the gong to commemorate MR.DIY Group’s listing on Bursa Malaysia in October.
“It was a great honour for me as usually the owner or CEO will be the one striking the gong. It was very touching, and yet a beautiful moment, which I shall also never forget. It was a historical day for the company, and we’re proud to be part of it.”
“At MR.DIY, many job opportunities are offered and we also develop careers and skills as well as very useful knowledge. One more thing, do not be afraid to start from the bottom because it teaches us to be more efficient and disciplined and in turn gives self-confidence to progress to the highest level we can afford," he said.

Working with MR.DIY also managed to fulfill his dream with regular working hours, have a holiday to spend with his family and allow him to do many activities of interest. Therefore, he said for those who are looking for a job to join the MR.DIY family. If you want to learn more about career opportunities at MR.DIY, head over to this link:
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