Gift Ideas from MR.DIY Online For Your Loved Ones
21 December 2020
Gift Ideas from MR.DIY Online For Your Loved Ones

MR.DIY PREMIUM Slow Cooker 3.5L NSC-350

9023536 - RM65.00 RM61.75

Get your mom a new slow cooker this Christmas or New Year! Maybe she will even reward you a delicious meal made from it. Slow cookers are multifunctional and easy to use. And this one right here will look great in the kitchen.

MR.DIY Portable Electric Blower

9072841 - RM44.20 RM41.99

Need to figure out what to gift your dad? Maybe you can consider this portable electric blower as it has the strongest air flow for better work efficiency. This multipurpose product is great for cleaning your floor, equipments and more.

SIBYL Wireless Bluetooth Sup Earphone

8993633 - RM49.00 RM46.55

If you have a music lover brother, this will make the perfect gift for him. It’s compact, with a great design and functional, whether it is for studies, leisure or for the gym. This red and white design will be a great fit for him.

SUNEE Foldable Non-Woven Storage Box with Lid

9068926 - RM17.83 RM16.94

What is a practical and yet functional gift for a sister or maybe a female cousin? If you want a budget friendly idea, get her a storage box! These things always come in handy, whether it is to keep clothes, books, or even knick knacks!

MR.DIY Elephant Plush Toy Pillow

9035489 -  RM25.26 RM24.00

Have a little sibling or a little one you want to gift to for Christmas? A great gift idea is this little elephant pillow! It can keep them company while sleeping or they can pretend to play with it.

Contoured Memory Pillow

9034853 - RM26.29 RM24.98

Give someone a good night’s sleep with a memory pillow! Did you know that memory pillows are a great alternative to traditional pillows? That is because the support it provides helps you to sleep in the best position for your spine. 

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