MR.DIY Wang Nilai CNY 2021
20 January 2021
5 Ways for a Meaningful CNY

Make Chinese New Year more meaningful this year by declaring your family’s wishes for the year ahead whether it’s longevity, career success or general abundance. During uncertain times like this, it’s important to be positive and find safe ways to celebrate. Bring a little festivity to your home this CNY with MR.DIY:

CNY Ox Sticker (8714409)

Decorating your living space well this Chinese New Year will make it more meaningful as you will spend more time at home. Welcome the New Year with this CNY Ox Sticker for a more festive and auspicious occasion.

CNY Ox Sticker (8714332)

In Chinese culture, the Ox is a valued animal with positive characteristics attributed to it, such as being hardworking and honest. This CNY ox sticker will be a great addition to your living room this Chinese New Year.

CNY 3 Series Lantern (8711782)

Drive off any bad luck this Chinese New Year by hanging these red lanterns around your home. 

CNY Pillow (8713679)

Another simple decoration that can make your home feel more festive during CNY is this CNY pillow which you can decorate your living room with. This design is timeless and will surely brighten up your home.

CNY Paper Bag (Cat) (

If you are not able to visit your favourite relative this Chinese New Year, you can still send them gifts through delivery! This thoughtful small gesture will surely make them happy because they know that you are thinking of them. 

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