MR.DIY Wang Nilai CNY 2021
26 January 2021
5 Spotless Home Hacks for CNY
Before the start of the new year, Chinese traditions and superstition dictate that homes be clean. It is said to rid the house of the bad luck and misfortune of the past, and open up the space for all the new, good luck to enter your life. Here are some items that you can get for a discounted price with MR.DIY Wang Nilai Promotion 2021 to help you refresh your home:

Mr Muscle Multi-Purpose Cleaner Lavender (2L)
9160711 - RM11.90 RM10.50 

The first hack is that everyone needs a good multi-purpose cleaner! They are safe to use on a wide variety of surfaces, and will clean up grease and grime without tough scrubbing or leaving any residue behind. Dilute this Mr Muscle Multi-Purpose Cleaner to help with cleaning large surfaces such as your floor.

AMDPRO+ Surface Disinfectant Spray (500ml)
9754947 - RM7.90 RM6.90

It is important to disinfect the surfaces of areas that we frequent most often or touch such as tables, countertops, doorknobs, light switches and more. Getting a disinfectant with a spray cleaner nozzle is perfect to target small areas and it is also great for a quick wipe.

Mr Muscle Bathroom Cleaner (Assorted) 900ml
9160755 & 9160756 - RM9.90 RM8.50

Problems in the bathroom can include soap scum and grime and nobody wants that! You can easily remove those and also surface dirt while restoring shine to your bathroom with these Mr Muscle Bathroom Cleaner.

Mr Muscle Kitchen Cleaner Lemon (500ml)
9160812 - RM9.50 RM8.90

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used areas so it is really important to keep it clean and spotless at all times. Clean less and do more with the Mr Muscle Kitchen Cleaner as is formulated to remove tough grease & grime on worktops, tiles, sinks and workspaces! 

Ambi Pur Closet Fresh 4.5ml x 2
9750110 - 9750113 RM10.44 - RM9.90

Even with good detergents or fabric cleaners, you may notice the occasional odd smell coming from the clothes you pull from your closet or drawers. Fight those smell with Ambi Pur and walk into 2021 smelling fresh.

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