MR.DIY Robotic Warehouse
16 February 2021
Shop Online & Save with These MR.DIY e-Vouchers

Great news..MRDIY.COM.MY is now fulfilled with robots! And to celebrate the launch of our robotic warehouse, we are inviting you to come shop selected products at MRDIY.COM.MY with these limited time e-vouchers, from 15th to 28th Feb 2021:

Here are some MR.DIY product suggestions for you or you can check out the full list at 

MR.DIY PREMIUM Slow Cooker 3.5L 

9023536 - RM65.00

If you love to cook or spend time in the kitchen, this MR.DIY Premium Slow Cooker is a suggestion for you. Slow cookers are designed to do their own thing so while you are cooking something in it, you can have time to cook other recipes or go about your day.

MR.DIY Premium Double Holder Non-Stick Wok Pan With Glass Lid (32cm) 

9069854 - RM55.23

This MR.DIY Premium Non-Stick Wok Pan is perfect for making stir fries! Simply prepare your ingredients and you are good to go for a quick and delicious meal. Every kitchen has to have at least one Wok Pan.

MR.DIY Instant Anti-Bacterial Moisturizer Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer (480ml)

8973780 - RM16.90

Out of hand sanitizers? Stock up on this MR.DIY option now. Aloe vera has soothing qualities and therefore really important in hand sanitizers. Alcohol can be harsh by itself, so when it is mixed with aloe vera, it's less likely to irritate your skin (which might help if you have sensitive skin).

MR.DIY High Active Floor Cleaner Liquid Blue Floral (3L) 

9200118 - RM7.56

Ensure your floors are always clean by having these MR.DIY High Active Floor Cleaner on hand at all times. Since cleaning should be a regular activity, now is your chance to stock up for an affordable price.

MR.DIY Super Extra Battery AAA (12pcs)

9021949 - RM4.06

Keep batteries on hand in your home or office at all times. Take a chance to get these MR.DIY AAA batteries with the e-vouchers.

MR.DIY Eco-Friendly Garbage Bag S Size (30pcs)

9240136 - RM1.45

Remember to keep trash out of your home to prevent any unwanted bugs or pest. One suggestion is to stock up on these MR.DIY Garbage Bags so that you will never run out.

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