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19 February 2021
MR.DIY Products Hacks to Try at Home

Looking for some amazing product hacks?

There are many lifestyle, home and product hacks out there. Some are useful, a few are a little ridiculous, and more than a handful are simply brilliant. Below are some fun and useful hacks you can try at home with products you can find at MR.DIY!

Protect Razors with a Binder Clip

Razorblades are undoubtedly sharp. Protect exposed razors by covering them with a binder clip. This is great hack for travelling as well to avoid any small accident cuts on your hands.

Get Even Fruit Slices

Get even slices of fruits and vegetables by using an egg slicer. 
Even slices with just one push! How cool is this?!

Get Scoopable Ice Cream with ZIPLOC Sandwich Bags (50s) 9160769 - RM 7.90

Keep ice-cream tub in a ziploc bag to keep them soft and scoopable. 
This ain’t no magic trick. Save your spoons and try this the next time you want ice cream!

Banana Stand Hanger

Turn a simple wire hanger into a stand for your banana. Bananas can can last longer when they are hanging like this!

Easy Snack Bag Hack

This one is for all the snackers out there. Don’t miss this hack - no one likes stale chips!  
Grab a couple of ice cream sticks and glue them to each side of a binder clip. Next, fold over your chip bag and secure with your new chip bag clip!

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