MR.DIY 700th Store Celebration
30 March 2021
Must Buy Items Up to 50% Off at MR.DIY to Celebrate 700 Stores
MR.DIY now has 700 stores across Malaysia and MR.DIY would like to thank Malaysians with a nationwide promotion by offering discounts on selected home brand and bestselling items from the Household, Hardware, Electrical, Car Accessories, Sports and Toys category, slashing up to 50% in stores or online. Here are some suggestions on what you can get:

MR.DIY Rechargeable Emergency Light
9023288 - RM21.90 RM15.50

If you experience power outages at home often, it is a good idea to keep a rechargeable emergency light somewhere easy to reach. Light up your home and avoid a pitch black home, especially when there are little kids at the house to avoid anyone getting hurt from knocking on any furniture. 

MR.DIY Stuffed Shark Bolster
9035017 - RM23.49 RM16.50

It's no secret that kids love their stuffed animals, but they actually play a more vital role in child development than you may think. One of the  most obvious function stuffed animals serve is to ease distress and anxiety, so it is a good thing to let this little stuffed shark bolster to accompany them to sleep at night.

MR.DIY W-4 Multipurpose Anti-Rust Spray (100ml)
9073008 - RM3.81 RM2.70

It is always a good idea to have a multipurpose product in your home. This W-4 spray not only lubricates and protects by preventing rust and corrosion on surfaces such as hinges, doors, windows, rollers and wheels. Another thing that it does is that it also cleans most surfaces of grease, tar, gum and adhesive.

PROBEBI Cabinet Latch
9068318 - RM4.89 RM3.50

Stop little children from opening drawers and cabinets with this easy to install cabinet latches. Little children are very curious and they love wondering about and opening things so always keep that in mind!

Football (21cm)
9086523 - RM14.62 RM10.50

Love playing football in the field with your friends? It is such a healthy and fun activity to do! Not only that, but it also doesn’t cost much to play this sport. Take advantage of this discount right now and don’t miss out on this

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