MR.DIY For Business
07 April 2021
MR.DIY For Business is Your No.1 Business Supplier Online
MR.DIY has launched a NEW E-Commerce business platform called MR.DIY For Business to ease all business owners to buy in bulk quantities straight from us.
We are targeting to leverage our focus to SME and small businesses owner to ease them in buying their necessities online. We have a total of 6 main categories that we put under this new business to give a vast choices to our customers as below:

For the day-to-day operations of your company, having the appropriate office supplies is essential. For your employees to work productively and effectively, items such as pens, pencils, paper, calculators, and other office equipment such as printers must be readily accessible. With MR.DIY For Business, you can buy all types of stationery in bulk.

Something necessary to a problem, situation, or task for a daily life event is highly important or completely required. We at MR.DIY For Business are ready to assist all of our customers in buying all of your daily essentials items in bulk. Create a business account with us now and buy Daily Essentials products with us!

Working in the foodservice industry necessitates a high level of cleanliness. Cooking in a dirty kitchen can have unfavourable effects for both your employees and your customers. As for that, we at MR.DIY For Business will assist you in getting together with a comprehensive cleaning toolkit for your restaurants, food courts, and also offices. Buy bulk from your No.1 Business Supplier Online now!

Regardless of the industry or the nature of the work performed, every employer is responsible for the health and welfare of their employees. Construction staff, for example, will need a decent collection of hardware to complete their daily tasks efficiently. MR.DIY For Business will provide you with all of the required hardware for your employees in bulk.

If you're a licenced electrician, you're definitely on the lookout for the newest and the best equipment that can deliver excellent results quickly for all of your electrical projects. Most resources are readily available on MRDIY.COM.MY, and you can now purchase electrical appliances in bulk for working purpose.

When it comes to stocking your workplace pantry, it's important to choose easy to make drinks and tasty snacks for your employees. You can also acquire other office refreshments from us. Various food and beverages options are coming soon on MR.DIY For Business. 

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