MR.DIY Raya Kami Termurah
16 April 2021
MR.DIY Simple Raya is the New Gaya

Hari Raya celebrations are starting soon and it is important to prepare early! From sofa covers, beautiful vase to put your pelita in, to wall stickers and more, these are just a few items from MR.DIY’s Raya Kami Termurah products that can make your Raya feeling festive. What’s better is that you can enjoy more savings with discounts up to 20% off!



RAYA STICKER (8720703)

This heartwarming ‘Selamat Hari Raya’ wall decoration will surely impress the kids and brighten their day as they fill with smiles and laughter during the festive season. The colorful design will surely complement any home.


HANGING DECO (8720566)

Hanging decorations are one of the easiest decorations in any home or environment. It is easy to place and also to take out when the festivities are over. Those who are busy will surely appreciate these.




What is a small touch you can add to your home to decorate for raya? A curtain tieback! Curtains can be one of the focal points of a room as a person will always look at the curtains when they enter a room. These gold tassel designs are also timeless!


FLOOR WOODEN VASE 58CM (8720687 / 8720689)


Want another Raya deco idea? Add a vase like this in your living room and use faux flowers or decorate it with a pelita lantern to give it a more Raya feel.




Sofa covers are incredibly versatile! It allows you to change your sofa colors without much cost or effort and the best thing about it is that it helps you to protect your sofa from any accidental spills..which is great for Hari Raya days.


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