17 December 2018
Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

If you have clicked on this blog post then we are pretty sure you have been cracking your head in finding for the Perfect Christmas Present aren’t you? Most of us need to get a nice Christmas gift not just for one but a few gifts and it could be tough struggle, searching for gift that suits your receiver. We hope our selection of Christmas gift from MR.DIY helps and give you some idea.

MR.DIY Malaysia Photo Frame

8801260 – Photo Frame With Clips 
Photo Frame is the best present as it captures the moment. A picture is priceless and worth a thousand words, especially if it captured the sweet and happy memories with family and friends. If you have a Polaroid camera you can instantly print out the photo, write some short notes and clip it on the frame.


MR.DIY Malaysia Seat Cushion

8980647 – Seat Cushion
If your receiver is always driving or working a 9 to 5 job, then a seat cushion is the perfect gift. Regular back ache is the most common problem resulting from sitting in the same position for a long period. Give a seat cushion and show your love and care.


MR.DIY Malaysia Zipper Earphone

8991479 – Zipper Earphone
Forget about traditional earphone and get a tangle free zipper earphone as Christmas gift. It is frustrating to untangle the cord. With this modern and useful earphone, your gift receiver will definitely fall in love with it.


MR.DIY Malaysia Indoor Slipper

9034572 – Indoor Slipper
Wondering why indoor slipper is a great gift? Do you know wearing home slipper not only keep your house clean from dust but it can actually decrease the risk of catching colds and flu. So buy it as a gift and keep the feet of your love one warm.


MR.DIY Malaysia Men Belt

9034591 – Men’s Belt
A belt is every man’s favorite accessories and giving a belt as gift can never go wrong.


MR.DIY Malaysia Book Gift Set

9045433 – Diary Book Gift Set
Make writing diary a little less dull. This beautiful set of diary book comes with a pen, keychain and a book. A great gift for all journal lovers.


MR.DIY Malaysia Sunglasses

9054251 – Sunglasses
Sunglasses is a classic gift that is suitable for everyone. If you don’t know whether you going to get a men or woman receiver then this unisex sunglasses is perfect for you.


MR.DIY Malaysia Cosmetic Bag

9055335 – Cosmetic Bag
Every woman will need a cosmetic bag to store all the make-up essential. But don’t think that it is only suitable for keeping cosmetic, it can be used to keep phones, money or any personal belonging too.