MR.DIY Raya Kami Termurah
28 April 2021
5 Practical Must Haves for Raya 2021
Enjoy more savings this Raya with MR.DIY Raya Kami Termurah Super Brand Sales in-stores or online! Here are 5 practical must haves for you:

PANTENE Shampoo (Assorted) 340ml 
9750133 & 135 - RM12.50 RM10.90
Keep your hair clean and shiny for Raya this year with Pantene while saving money at the same time. Remember to wash your hair on a regular basis.

ENERGIZER Max Alkaline Battery (8pcs)
9520071 & 072 - RM21.68 RM19.90 Each
What does the television, air conditioning and fan remote controls have in common? They all need batteries! Get fresh batteries at MR.DIY at a discount this month! That way, you won’t have to worry about the remote controls not functioning properly during Raya.

GLADE Aerosol (Assorted) 320ml
9160777 till 779, 816, 832, 843 - RM9.90 RM9.20
Designed to fight tough odours, Glade Aerosol will keep your home space smelling great. To make your space more inviting, spray some before any guests arrive. Another way to use this is to spray it as the final touch after daily cleaning.

GLADE Sport (Assorted) 7ml
9160739 & 741 - RM12.50 RM10.90
It’s not just your home that needs to smell good during the festive period, but your car as well! Whether you are going for a short drive to the grocery store to get groceries to make Raya recipes with or visiting family or friends nearby, the Glade Sport will help to make your drive a little bit more pleasant.
HARPIC Value Pack Toilet Cleaner (Assorted) 
9750017 till 019 - RM10.85 RM9.90
Get this pack of toilet cleaner for your bathroom for the festive season. It is designed to remove yellow stains, kill 99.9% germs and helps to fight odour or any unpleasant smell.
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