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28 May 2021
Brush Up On Your Cooking Skills During Self Quarantine
Did you know that MR.DIY Premium offers a range of exclusive products such as home appliances at affordable prices? For example, you can find items to complete your kitchen with such as induction cookers, blender and even a small oven. If you are doing self quarantine at home, you can use this time to brush up on your cooking skills! Below are some recipe suggestions for some of our kitchen home appliances:

MR.DIY Premium Induction Cooker

The MR.DIY Premium Induction Cooker will be your kitchen savior. With 8 cooking modes available, you can make any dishes you want. 

MR.DIY Premium Blender

MR.DIY Premium Blender is your multi-talented helper! You can use it to make many delicious foods including easy fruit sorbets, fresh basil pesto and even pumpkin soup..yum!

MR.DIY Premium Oven

It's small but it's mighty! With this MR.DIY Premium Oven, you can enjoy multiple cooking modes including Bake, Broil and even Toast. S'moreo's? Herb baked salmon? Roasted chicken & veggies? You got it!

MR.DIY Premium Sandwich Maker & Toaster

Did you know that sandwich makers are not just for sandwiches? Just look at all the different recipes this MR.DIY Premium Sandwich Maker and Toaster can make.

MR.DIY Premium Home Appliance Lineup

MR.DIY Premium has a variety of home appliances to suit anybody's needs. From induction cookers, ovens, hair dryers and more. Come to your nearest MR.DIY store near you today!


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