MR.DIY Stay Safe, Stay Home
31 May 2021
5 Stay Safe Stay Home Activities

Staying at home but don't know what to do? Spice up your routine by trying something new like a healthy mealprep lifestyle, playing with kids or spring cleaning in your home. MR.DIY Stay Safe, Stay Home has a range of products for you to try thats great for stay home activities:

BESTWAY Metallic 3-Ring Inflatable Pool (150cm x 53cm)

9014904 - RM69.20

Kids love to play around among themselves but now is a time to stay home. To ensure that they still can have fun and to prevent them from feeling restless, let them try a fun activity at home with this inflatable kiddie pool! Keep your kids happy by getting this for them at MR.DIY. 

Hair Clipper Set

9022935 - RM25.90

Want to have neat and tidy hair during MCO without going out to the barber? The good news is that you can now do it at home by getting your own hair clipper at MR.DIY. 

MR.DIY Premium Electric Rice Cooker (1.0L)

9022853 - RM51.60

This is a great chance for everyone to keep a healthy lifestyle through their diet instead of always eating out. It’s time to change up your routine and use this time to try experimenting with cooking some of your favourite dishes.

MR.DIY Premium Lunch Box

9066161 - RM19.57

Since you can only take away food instead of dining in at restaurants, why not try taking way your own meal from home. Not only can you get home appliances and cooking pans at MR.DIY, but you can also get lunch boxes too!

MR.DIY Garbage Bag 74cm x 90cm (10’s)

9240138 - RM1.53

One of the most useful activities that you can do at home is spring cleaning or deep cleaning your home, which means to go through all your old items and decide which one to keep, donate or throw away such as old clothes, expired food and more.

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