Work from Home
09 June 2021
Create Your Home Work & Study Space with MR.DIY
With the Movement Control Order, many of us are either working or studying from home. It’s really important to have a comfortable space that is fully equipped to create a better work or study environment for ourselves. Here are some affordable options from MR.DIY:

Wired Mouse
8992316 - RM7.90
Working on a laptop with just a touchpad can feel a bit cramped so why not switch to using a mouse? It’s more ergonomic and lightweight and it will give you a better working or studying experience.
Smart Waterproof Keyboard
9020593 - RM17.80
You type all day, so you need a good keyboard for your desktop monitor. This keyboard is a basic but good, full-size wired option if you want to keep costs as low as possible and it is also waterproof!

8992084 - RM14.50
These headset is practical and affordable for people who wants to focus on a solid sound such as listening to a lecture, a presentation online by a colleague or even for listening to music when wanting to focus on doing a certain task.

3-Gang Way Extensions (5m)
9300419 - RM35.90 (WM) / RM37.90 (EM)
You might be plugging into a few devices when you are working or studying from home such as a charger for laptop, printer and even a charging dock for your phone. Having an extension trailing socket will help you to organize your space more efficiently.

USB Adapter
8993521 - RM18.90
A USB adapter is one of the most basic things anyone needs to either charge their phone or any small devices easily. 
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