11 June 2021
Improve Your Home with MR.DIY
Now is not only a great opportunity to declutter and sort through your items, but it’s also ideal for improving your home to make it look as good as new or to simply live more comfortably. You can do it with a few things from MR.DIY Home Essentials:

KLEENSO Floor Cleaner 9 in 1 Anti-bacterial (900ml)
9460001 - RM13.61 (WM) / RM16.44 (EM)

Improve your home with a multipurpose floor cleaner! This Kleenso 9 in 1 Anti-Bacterial Floor Cleaner has 9 functions including reducing insects, neutralizing PH, helps with extra shine, strong resistance to dirt & grimes, non-sticky,environmental friendly, moisturizing, and leaves a natural flower fragrance.
MR MUSCLE Mold & Mildew Spray (500ml)
9160704 - RM11.50 (WM) / RM11.90 (EM)

One way to improve the home is to prevent any slimy mold or mildew that might have appeared on moist surfaces, especially if your home is slightly older. This spray immediately attacks mold & mildew at the roots to kill them completely and remove stain build-up easily, while disinfects and deodorizes.

KLEENSO Tile & Bathroom Cleaner (500ml)
9460066 - RM6.14 (WM) / RM6.52 (EM)

Once you’ve done cleaning all the surfaces, its time to improve any porcelain surfaces that you might have such as tiles, toilet bowls, bath tubs, basinc and more. Kleenso Tile and Bathroom Cleaner is able to remove tough stains on mosaic and homogeneous tile and the anti-bacterial formulation is able to kill germ and dispel odour.

Rubber Gloves
9034420 - RM4.30

Wear gloves to protect yourself against bacteria while cleaning. It is also your first line of defense against dry, cracked skin which can result from exposing it to chemicals from detergents and solvents that remove grime. 

SCOTT Extra Bathroom Tissue Roll (10 Rolls)
9750471 - RM8.90 (WM) / RM9.50 (EM)

Ensure that you have ample supplies of Bathroom Tissue Rolls when you are stuck at home to avoid unnecessary emergency runs to the store.

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