17 October 2018
Spice Up Your Halloween Decoration with MR.DIY

Halloween is a spooktacular time of the year where everyone gets excited to dress up in their best scary and creative Halloween costumes. But Halloween is not just about costumes but also decoration be it at home, offices, restaurant or any space. Unleash your creativity and showcase your talent decorating your space and Halloween costumes.

At MR.DIY, we have everything you need to create a memorable Halloween! With a wide range of Halloween products available to help you set the mood and spookiness, you can be sure everyone will have a bootiful night. We had selected 10 items that we think are perfect for this year Halloween.


MR.DIY Malaysia Fake Hand and Fake Foot

Bloody Hand and Foot

Turn your home into house of horror with some bloody hand and foot. Surprise your party guest when you scatter these props throughout your home or perhaps you can hang it around your house too for a nightmarish vibe!


MR.DIY Malaysia Fake Blood

Realistic Fake Blood

Can’t get a nice Halloween costume? A little fake blood is enough to decorate a gory and creepy set-up. Besides, use it for your Halloween make-up to give you the special effects of realistic gory look.


MR.DIY Malaysia Mask and Cloak

Halloween Cloak and One-Eye Mask

This classic Halloween costume combination is simple yet scary. You don’t need additional make-up or dress. This cloak can be worn two ways, red for a scary look or black for a more mysterious look. And never forget a scary mask to complete your spooky look. Covering your face with a mask hides your identity and the perfect way to top off your Halloween costume.


MR.DIY Malaysia Pumpkin and Bat Lantern

Pumpkin & Bat Lantern

It’s not Halloween without a creepy looking pumpkin and bat lantern. To give you the extra eerie environment, these lanterns has sound sensor. Place it near the door, it will definitely shock your guest when they walk-in


MR.DIY Malaysia Pumpkin Lantern

Pumpkin Light

Forget about normal light. To bring the creepy mood, replace your normal lighting with this pumpkin lantern. Not only it is a good decoration but it can also lighten up your place, giving you the perfect Halloween vibe.


MR.DIY Malaysia Finger Eraser

Finger Eraser

Ever thought of something that you can use for Halloween decoration and stationery at the same time? Wear it on your thumb and prank your guest when you drop the finger accidentally or put a little fake blood to make it look like you had lost your finger. When the Halloween is over, you can use it as a finger eraser. One stone kill two birds!


MR.DIY Malaysia Spider Web

Halloween Spider Web

We know exactly what will get your pulse racing and goosebumps. Scary spider webs really gives off that spooky hint of fun needed for a Halloween party. Decorate it around the corner, put some spider to make it look more realistic and voila! It turns your place into a run-down and old looking environment.