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21 June 2021
You May Need These Things Ready When You Are a Construction Worker
Being a construction worker is not a walk in the park; it requires physical strength and endurance. Lacking these puts one at risk of injury or death. It is ranked among the most dangerous careers in the country. You'll constantly require efficient skills as a construction worker to work efficiently and safely. You must know the best material for the construction site and always consult the data sheets for solvent information. Every work-related job necessitates a solid understanding of these Essential Skills. As a result, you will want adequate equipment while you are on your work site which you can have it ready with us here in MRDIY.COM.MY.

(Safety Vest 120G) - 9072051
Safety vests should always be worn by you who work on or near roads, or places where there are movements of cranes, cables, wrenches, motors or any moving gears. You are always engaged in emergency and construction work. Thus, you need to be detected by other parties who operate moving machinery that can be potentially dangerous. Therefore, get yourself and your fellow construction workers safe with the safety vests.
A cable tie which also known as a hose tie and zip tie is a type of fastener, that can hold items together, primarily electrical cables, and wires. Because of their low cost, ease of use, and binding strength, cable ties are ubiquitous, finding use in a wide range of other applications. One of it is on the construction sites when they need for a quick bind power. A lot of work will need support from the cable tie and as a construction workers, you need to have these on hand at all times.

Common nails are the most commonly used type of steel nails especially at the construction site. You like to use them for framing, carpentry, wood structural panel shear walls and other general indoor construction projects. These nails have a thicker and larger shank than that of the box nails. In addition, common steel nails are also shown as a wide head, a smooth shank and a diamond-shaped point. You should have this type of nails ready whenever you are at the construction site.

The common usage of this wire pliers is simply clamp the wire with the pliers, lock the jaws in place and then pull back to create a uniform twist. You can also make a uniform twist in safety wire. Then, you can secure fasteners, plastic sprinkler risers, and electrical connections with it easily. Therefore, there will always be a need for equipment during your day at the construction site. 

PLANE AB Glue - 9074755 
Glue is one of the basic items required for you as a construction worker. You need them to combine two pieces of wood together or to attach something first before you nail it and also when you want to share some notes with other workers. Therefore, you can always prepare all the materials with us in bulk for your team by buying them at MRDIY.COM.MY.

FELTON Nakayama Tool box (1L) - 9350114
Toolbox is one of the necessary items for all construction workers. There are a variety of tools that can be put in this box. All the construction essential items for helping them to do their work especially, at the construction site. Normally all the tools have different purposes. There is a hammer which is used to drive nails into wood with rapid blows, a saw for cutting through wood and metal, screwdrivers with crossheads that vary in size from small to extra-large.

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