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24 June 2021
Productive Things to Do During FMCO

Struggling to find something to do while stuck at home during FMCO? Here are some ideas by Youtubers out there! They are spending their time doing productive things for themselves and their families with items from MR.DIY: 

Clean Your Home

One of the things that can make staying home for a long period of time more comfortable is to have a clean home, whether it is the living room, bathroom or even garden which is featured in this video.

Organize Your Home

Other than cleaning your home, you should also organize your things around the house! Find out how this Youtuber organizes her home to make it cozier for her and her young family during FMCO.



Entertain Your Kids

Entertaining your kids is important, especially when you need some time alone to do some work, clean or even to rest! Get some ideas from these Youtubers on how they use MR.DIY products to entertain their kids.


 Upgrade Your Car

If you’ve already cleaned and organized your home, what’s next? Your car of course! Many times we do not have time to take care of our cars because we are so busy with our routines, but this is a great chance! Just take a look at the video.


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