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14 July 2021
What to Have in Your Store or Restaurant During Phase 1

Clean floor with a good aroma (Click Here: Floor Cleaner Detergent)

When you have a good aroma around you, it can help relieve stress, relaxation, fatigue reduction, insomnia development, and anesthetizing. It also creates a pleasant ambiance that can improve moods. Suggested to use a floor  cleaner such as lavender and orange that can enhance memories-especially when creating lasting impressions. Customers can have a good experience and will come back to buy from you.

Good cleaning equipments (Click Here:
Mop Set)

With the right cleaning equipment, you can do your job without risking your health. Especially when you work at the restaurant. You would really need a good set of it to ease your daily chores.

Refreshing smell and air flow (Click Here:
Air Freshener)

Some of the most popular restaurant and home-cleaning products are air fresheners. It's no secret that these scents have a calming effect on people and help make you feel more relaxed when you're exposed to them. Restaurants or stores that have a good and calm fragrance may attract the customer to return back only for the fragrance. 

Protective dustbin (Click Here:

Dustbin with a protective lit cover will always prevent the odor to seperate into the air. Restaurants or stores are encouraged to have a dustbin with a good condition to be one of your equipment. Choose your dustbin wisely!

Correct way to do pesticide (Click Here:

Pesticides can enter the body through inhalation, ingestion, or absorption by the skin and eyes. The skin usually receives the most exposure, so it is important to cover as much of the body as possible while doing it. Especially when you do it at your restaurant or stores. 

Friendly hand sanitizer (Click Here:
Hand Sanitizer)

When it comes to hand sanitizer, less doesn’t mean more. You need to apply enough to thoroughly coat every part of your hands. Don’t forget about the back of them or your fingers! Hand sanitizers are not meant to clean your hands. They’re meant to disinfect Residue like oil or dirt will prevent hand sanitizers from penetrating down to your skin. 

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