MR.DIY Essential Home Products
30 July 2021
MR.DIY Essential Home Items You Need Today

MR.DIY Eco-Friendly Garbage Bag M Size (30pcs)
9240137 - RM2.54

Since most of us are staying home at all times now, it's important to keep our home clean from any mess so that we have a comfortable living space. It is also a good time to do some spring cleaning, therefore a garbage bag is really handy.

MR.DIY 3U Shape 24W LED Bulb Daylight
9021689 - RM6.90

Another thing that you can consider doing to improve your home during this time is to simply switch any light bulbs that are not working. It is a simple task that can bring much satisfaction and you can finally tick that task out from your to-do list!

MR.DIY 1-Gang SP Switched Socket Outlet
9410113 - RM2.30

Switch socket not working properly? It is about time you fix it and don’t wait until it is too late. Get yours now at MR.DIY and start improving your home.

Cellophane Tape (18mm)
9080101 - RM1.42
Wrapping Paper (80g)
9081565 - RM0.50
Right now, even though you cannot hold any birthday parties, baby showers and more, that doesn’t mean that those occasions are any less important. You can still wrap a pretty gift and deliver to the intended person through delivery riders. The receiver of the gift will feel very appreciated.

MR.DIY Round Container (12cm)
9780158 - RM1.20
One of the most essential things to have on hand in the kitchen is always a container. It is not limited to just putting snacks and biscuits that you bought outside or baked at home. But you can also use it to fill everyday ingredients like sugar or flour and stack it together to save some space.

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