RAYA 2019
31 May 2019
Make This Raya Premium with MR.DIY Brand

The Ramadan holy month of fasting is coming to an end soon with Raya celebrations around the corner, and people are excited to visit their close and distant relatives to share a lot of stories with and simply enjoy quality time together with great food and a festive atmosphere. Whether you are preparing dishes for an open house, preparing your Raya outfit or arranging a long-distance drive back home this Raya season, MR.DIY has got you all covered with the new MR.DIY Premium range. Take a look at these variety of products to help prepare early this Raya!


MR.DIY Malaysia Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker

Being the hospitable and food-loving nation that we are, food is going to be a major part of the Raya celebration. If you are inviting guests to your home for an open house, make sure that you have enough rice to serve along with all the delicious side dishes. Don’t have an extra rice cooker? MR.DIY Premium has the perfect and affordable one for you.


MR.DIY Malaysia Wok

Non-Stick Wok

Rendang, serunding, ayam masak lemak, asam pedas, lontong..we all know that Raya season comes with all the delicious traditional food. You might want to save time on cooking and cleaning when you are preparing the dishes. Make your life easier with this Non-Stick Wok as it will help to do the trick!


MR.DIY Malaysia Springfoam Pan

Springform Pan 3-in-1

Other than the delicious main dishes during Raya, desserts are an important part of the celebration as well. Why not impress your guests by baking a few cakes?  This Springform Pan is well designed with spring latch that provides easy release of baked foods, making your cakes look perfect. You can make beautiful three-layer cakes, cheesecake, mousse cake, chiffon cake and more delicious food for this Raya season.


MR.DIY Malaysia Iron


It’s almost Raya, have you gotten your outfit yet? If you do, you definitely want your beautiful Raya outfit to be wrinkle free. Prepare your outfit early and iron your clothes in advanced with this afforadable Iron. Here is a little tip: To prevent wrinkles, keep moving freshly ironed surfaces away from you.


MR.DIY Malaysia Cloth Rack

Single Bar Metal Cloth Rack

Once you’ve ironed all the Raya clothes, you need somewhere to hang it so stays nice and wrinkle-free the way it is. MR.D.I.Y.’s Single Bar Metal Cloth Rack is great for the job, and you can also display your shoes at the foot of the cloth rack which makes it easier to style your outfit. On the plus side – it also takes up little space.


MR.DIY Malaysia Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer

Everyone wants to look their best during Raya celebration because they will be seeing their relatives and friends as well as taking family photos. Take your locks from soaking wet to dry enough in no time. Here is a tip – always use a heat protecting spray to protect your hair from the heat.


MR.DIY Malaysia Silicon Wiper

Silicon Wiper

If you’re driving long distance back to your hometown this Raya, don’t forget to prepare your car for a rainy weather. This car wiper is your best choice in giving you a clear vision on a rainy day so that you can drive with a peace of mind.