MR.DIY Promosi Poket Selamat 7
01 October 2021
5 Pocket Saving Tips from MR.DIY
Want a few pocket saving tips from MR.DIY? You can keep your pockets safe with discounts up to 40% off selected products this September and October 2021 with Promosi Poket Selamat 7 in-stores or online!
USB 2.0 Hub 4-On/Off
8991365 - RM11.80 RM8.30

Save more when you purchase home appliances or accessories while on discount. This USB 2.0 Hub is useful to almost anyone to have on hand at all times.

Aluminium Cake Mold (28cm x 5cm) 
8973440 - RM12.90 RM9.30
Baking hobbies can be affordable if you choose your tools and baking accessories wisely. In addition to that, baking your own cakes at home will help you to save money compared to buying from a store. 

Padlock (2 x 50mm) 
9075178 - RM13.90 RM9.90

Take advantage of discounts or offers like these to get padlocks for your home or important storage areas. You might never know when you will need this in the future.
Rechargeable Mini Foldable Fan
9023050 - RM8.50 RM5.90

This cute mini foldable fan is a great option for ladies. It will help to keep you cool during hot days, especially when you are busy out and about! One tip for saving costs in the long run is to get rechargeable ones.

Animal Series Set 
9018768 - RM16.30 RM11.50
Let’s not forget about the kids, among the toys available in the Promosi Poket Selamat 7 is this Animal Series Set! Toy sets like this help kids to learn about the names and different types of animals in the wild.

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