MR.DIY Promosi Poket Selamat 7
08 October 2021
5 MR.DIY Brand Items That Are Totally Worth It
Keep your pockets safe October with MR.DIY Promosi Poket Selamat 7 with discounts up to 40% off selected products. It is a great chance to try out MR.DIY Brands for your needs at an affordable price. Here are some item suggestions that are totally worth it:

MR.DIY Premium Washing Machine Cover XXL
8970710 - RM14.20 RM10.50

A lot of us keep our washing machines in a balcony or any other outdoor area. After some time, dust tends to gather, especially if the outdoor area is windy. One suggestion is to use this MR.DIY Premium washing machine cover to protect your machine from dust.

MR.DIY USB Rechargeable Hair Clipper
9023147 - RM28.30 RM19.90

The MR.DIY USB Rechargeable Hair Clipper is another affordable option featuring 3W Power, a powerful motor and with a high quality ceramic blade. It is rechargeable using a USB port with shaving time up to 60 minutes and comes with accessories.

MR.DIY Bidet Set Brass Nuts (1.2m)
9074908 - RM35.00 RM24.90

Bidet sets are suitable for bathroom and toilet areas for easy cleaning. It features a multi-purpose stainless steel electroplated hose and ergonomic design.

MR.DIY Microfiber Multi-Colour Square Towels (5pcs)
9064195 - RM11.40 RM8.30

Microfiber towels have so many uses including dusting your home or office, removing streaks on glass, cleaning appliances, wiping car interiors or exteriors and more. Take advantage of discounts to stock up on these towels to save more cost.

MR.DIY Stainless Steel Thermos (500ml)
8971023 - RM17.80 RM12.50

Stainless steel water thermos are an excellent, durable and safe alternative to using plastic ones. Using and bringing this from home is a great way to go green.
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