#iLoveMRDIYBrand Contest
10 November 2021
Most CREATIVE Photo Gets to Win an iPhone 13 Pro Max!
Apple recently launched the new iPhone 13. Did you know that you can win it for FREE with MR.DIY? All you have to do is just snap your most creative photo with MR.DIY Brand products!

Step 1: Snap a Creative photo with MR.DIY Brand

Snap a photo of you with any MR.DIY Brand or MR.DIY Premium Brand products to showcase your love for MR.DIY Brand. Be creative with the products and with your poses..feel free to take a photo at the comfort of your home or anywhere! Make sure to clearly show the MR.DIY Brand logo so that we can make sure that it is a MR.DIY Brand product. You can learn more about MR.DIY Brand here.

Step 2: Upload your photo on Facebook or Instagram
Upload your photo on Facebook or Instagram with hashtags #iLoveMRDIYBrand #MRDIYBrand and mention MR DIY (Facebook)  or  @mrdiy2u (Instagram). Make sure your profile is “PUBLIC” so that we can view it.

Step 3: Complete Your Submission
Complete your submission by sharing your Facebook or Instagram photo URL and by uploading the original high-resolution photo (not a screenshot) at https://bit.ly/ilovemrdiybrandmy. Make sure to share your POST URL and not your profile URL! 

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