RAYA 2019
07 May 2019
Upgrade Your Home on Your Own with MR.DIY

Hari Raya Aidilfitri concludes the Ramadan holy month of fasting. It is regarded as a merry celebration as it marks a person’s triumph and success on discipline and self-resistance which symbolizes refinement and rebirth. Hari Raya is a celebration of joy and happiness with family and friends, with many of those working in the cities travelling back to their hometowns to reunite and spend quality time with loved ones.

The first three days of Hari Raya are usually reserved for catching up with the family, but many families hold open houses throughout the month where friends and neighbors of other races are invited to share conversation, laughter and a variety of cookies and traditional delicacies. To welcome these special guests, the preparation must be special too. Make this year’s Raya a memorable one with your family and friends with a cozy living space. Check out these fantastic products to help you make it all possible! MR.DIY has everything that you need to upgrade your home on your own and always at low prices.

MR.DIY Microfiber Mop Malaysia

Premium Microfiber Flat Mop

Microfiber flap mop is ideal for cleaning purposes, which can help to clean houses faster and better. With all the cleaning this upcoming Raya, you can use a lot less cleaning solution and save more with this microfiber mop.


MR.DIY Microfiber Cloth Malaysia

Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths, which are lint free, streak free and scratch free, will often get the job of picking up dust in a better and quicker manner. Here is a tip to remove dirt and dust from surfaces: try using a water spray with this microfiber cloth. By doing so, the microfiber dusting cloth will lift and trap dirt and dust without the use of any chemicals. Just remember to check every single surface.


MR.DIY Paint Roller Malaysia

Paint Roller Kit

Give your home a makeover this Raya with a fresh new layer of paint. Paint like a pro with our paint roller kit and your home will look good as new! Keep the paint roller loaded with paint and use only enough pressure to release and spread the paint.


MR.DIY Spray Paint Malaysia

Spray Paint

Have a last-minute Raya inspired DIY on your mind? Have a furniture that you want to upgrade and refurbish? Be creative and impress your family with this spray paint! It’s fast drying and most importantly affordable.


MR.DIY Mr. Muscle Cleaner Malaysia

Mr. Muscle Glass Cleaner

Make the window shine with this Mr. Muscle Glass Cleaner. Newspaper is a great material to wipe down the glass without streaks. All you have to do is dab on some of this glass cleaner on a piece of newspaper and wipe until there are no remaining marks. Now your relatives will be impressed with how clean your house is this Raya.


MR.DIY Broom Malaysia

Oriental Special Broom

As Raya approaches, it’s important to have a broom on hand to clean any dust on the floor before and after open house. You can also use the broom to clean dust and cobwebs on the ceiling!