MR.DIY Christmas 2021
18 November 2021
Celebrate a Beautiful Christmas with MR.DIY This Year!

Christmas is the season of joy, of gift-giving, and of families united. As such, it is important to make it as beautiful as possible and a simple way of doing this is to decorate your home, dress up well or package gifts nicely.

8730541 – RM78.30

8731049 – RM9.90

What’s Christmas without a Christmas tree to decorate your home with? MR.DIY has a wide variety of Christmas trees to choose from this year for you and your family’s needs.
8730681 – RM5.50

Create a lively and festive atmosphere at home with big “MERRY CHRISTMAS” words decoration. It would look great as a backdrop for your precious family photos.

8731099 – RM6.30

Make use of the otherwise empty space on your door and let Little Santa to greet your guest at the door with this Christmas Door Hanging. 

8730538 – RM4.06

Receiving gifts is one of the joys of Christmas. This snowman themed gift bag for your thoughtful gifts is a great design for this festive season.

8731294 – RM2.90

If you’re tired of wearing the same style of masks everyday, you can try a Christmas themed one during your celebration..even better, wearing matching ones with your family for a fun day.


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